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Our services

No matter what anyone says - EVERYONE judges a book by it's cover. So, if you are aiming for the bestseller list, investing in a professionally designed cover is a must. At Magic Design we work closely with our clients to provide them with the most eye-catching and captivating covers for their books. Our fees are amongst the most reasonable you will find, with pre-made eBook covers starting from around £30. We provide bespoke cover packages from under £100 and there is no obligation to buy any of the designs submitted for approval. Check out our pricing and pre-made covers pages for further details.

Author Support Services

We also offer services such as author branding, series design, advertisement design and book and boxset mockups

Bespoke Covers

We work closely with our clients to provide unique, bespoke covers designed to their detailed specifications.

Pre-made Covers

Our collection of pre-made book covers grows daily. Why not browse the designs? Each design is sold once only.

Featured Portfolio

Our most popular projects.

One Last Fling

First cover in a series of ‘Sexy Shorts’.

Siren Hunter

Design for Laughing Tortoise Publishing – Siren Hunter Paranormal Romance Cover.

The Afterland Chronicles Boxset

Boxset of The Afterland Chronicles Series by Karen Wrighton.

Ice and Fyre

Book three of The Afterland Chronicles Series by Karen Wrighton.

Ryte of Passage

Book two of The Afterland Chronicles Series by Karen Wrighton.

Ascension of the Whyte

The first book of the Afterland Chronicles Series, by Karen Wrighton. Karen was overjoyed with her beautiful fantasy series covers.

Latest News

Working with Authors and Publishers to add a little magic to their book covers.

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"Really enjoyed working with the designer and am delighted with the result."

Eilidh McGuinness

I recommend the Magic Design Co.! This was one of the first designs submitted. It was love at first sight for me, and my team members loved it as well. The design withstood over 70 submissions to win the prize with only a few changes. Karen was great to work with, very responsive and flexible. Laughing Tortoise.

Laughing Tortoise Publishing

We have been working with Magic Design Co. for a number of years and are constantly impressed with their creativity and expertise. They remain our number one book cover design company and have found that nothing has been too much trouble. A great company to work with.

SleeplessPsyche Publishing

Worth their weight in gold! After checking out a few cover designers, and even attempting to design my own on occasion, I decided to rebrand my series with Magic Design Co. Their covers spoke to me immediately and I knew they would do a good job with mine. However, they way exceeded my expectations. The designs were excellent and the increase in my sales is evidence of how effective they are! My designer is talented, swift and friendly. When I email her, she replies swiftly. The ease of communication coupled with the excellent quality of the products delivered at a fair price means Magic Design Co well deserve to be rated five stars.

Karen Wrighton – Author of The Afterland Chronicles

Our clients are up-and-coming independent authors and small publishers. We aim to help them on their incredible journey to success.